People are often concerned about the costs involved in getting a prosthesis. In South Australia, there are a number of different funding schemes and it can be easy to get confused and to know what you are eligible for.

During the course of your treatment, funding for your prosthesis should be discussed with you. As the majority of amputations are due to contributing medical conditions such as diabetes, vascular disease or cancer; your prosthesis will generally be funded through the public health system (SAALS) the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The following may apply.
If you lost your limb due to disease or illness, you will be covered by the public health system or the (NDIS) if you are 64 years or under.
If your amputation was due to trauma, such as a motor vehicle or workplace accident, and compensation is identified as a possibility, the insuring organisation will most likely fund your prosthesis and medical needs.
If you lost your limb in an accident and there is no compensating body, then the public health system or the NDIS will cover the cost of prosthetic limb’s.
Veterans who lost their limb as a result of injuries received while serving, and who have a Gold Card, will have their prosthesis paid for by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) or the Defence Force.

If you are funded by the public health system, you can make personal financial contributions toward your prosthesis if you want particular componentry that public funding does not cover.
Your Prosthetics Manufacturer will guide you through the process.